About the IRDForum

The Ingonyama Rural Development Forum (IRDForum) constitutes an informal network of traditional leaders, experts, research institutions, businesses and policy makers united under the rubric of rural development. The uniqueness of the approach of IRDForum is found in that it intends to drive the process of rural development through three points of departure.

First, traditional institutions in all their different forms and levels should drive rural development. These are institutions that are integrated into the lives of rural residents and therefore better understood. This calls for traditional leaders to be agents of change and development in their areas of jurisdiction.

Second, development can best be carried out through a collaborative effort of all sectors and stakeholders. No single sector has the responsibility of conceiving and implementing a development agenda without involving all concerned from the point of inception.

Third, development is a multifaced concept, therefore, rural development should be undertaken in a holistic manner involving, social, human capital, and economic dimensions.

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